Saturday, 28 November 2009

Collecting Harry Potter Books & First Editions are proud to own the largest known collection of Harry Potter published varients in the world today. We have a huge reference library of facts and information on all varients of the published Harry Potter text, so if you are looking for any advice or help with your Harry Potter book do drop us a line.

We currently hold every single published varient of every language Harry Potter has ever been published in.

An extensive collection of over 2000 authorised international editions of the Harry Potter titles, in most cases comprising the full first six volumes from the series, various original bindings, dust-jackets present where issued, mostly in very good to fine condition, 8vo, 1997-2007.

Also included within our collection are hundreds of Rowling leaflets and related pamphlets, a large quarto volume containing glow-in-the-dark illustrations, relating to the German edition of Philosopher’s Stone. We also own original proofs and pre-publication manusrcipts, some of which are signed the author J K Rowling.

This is a unique collection of editions published outside the UK & USA, mostly first editions in the language in question. Non-English languages represented include Braille, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Bengali, Urdu, Hebrew, Greek, Macedonian, Italian, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, French & Spanish. English-language editions present are Canadian & Australian. Included are a very rare Hebrew proof, limited Hebrew & Thai editions, as well as scarce Mexican, Dutch & Russian editions.

Bloomsbury PLC have only ever sold 27 languages in one collection. This lot however offers EVERY official dialect from all over the world including all mainland Spanish regional dialects and all official colonial variants; all Indian official dialects; all regional dialects for all of the former Soviet Union countries; regional variants for Belgium & Holland, South Africa, all regional variants of Danish including Faroe Islands. A full listing is available on request for those interested in this collection.

THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE & COMPLETE Harry Potter collection to ever be offered on the open market, a lot of our collection is available to view at though an equally large amount is yet to be photographed and catalogued.