Friday, 26 March 2010


Very few financial advisers or even investors understand the potential of alternative investments and how you can insulate your investments by diversifying in this way. Yet the basic market forces of supply and demand mean prices of limited edition collectables will continue to rise into the future and the use of the internet makes buying and selling easier than ever.

Autographs have shown even greater investment potential. According to Stanley Gibbons and the Fraser's 100 Index, the 100 most popular autographs have shown impressive growth over the past 6 years, with a cumulative incrase in value of 174%. The problem of course with autographs is how many forgeries are out there. There are three ways of getting around this one: a. get the autograph yourself (an exciting hobby but also a big job with small success rate), 2. buy from reputable dealer with a reputation for honesty, such as and 3. focus your investment collection on a specific field or area.

The stock market is driven by greed, whereas the memorabilia market is driven by passion

Jason Cullen, CEO,

Most collect memorabilia, signed books, and art or other autographed items because they reflect a true pieces of history, they are beautiful to look at and thrilling to own.

Very few investments bring such a genuine glow of pride from owing a piece of history - and history that means something to YOU. Whether your passion is sport, the movies, fine art, first edition books, politics, music, history, or anything else, you can focus your collection and investment on pieces personally meaningful to you.