Monday, 29 November 2010

An update on this year's deals and offers.

We are delighted to announce, this December will see the return of the famous 12 Days Of Christmas Shopping Event.

Basically every day from Friday 10th December through to Tuesday 21 December we will be sending you an email advent offer each day featuring one unique item. The item we offer each day will vary greatly and may be anything from the world of sport or music through to a signed modern day first edition. The one thing you can be guaranteed is this offer will be unbeatable anywhere else and totally unique for Christmas 2010.

Last year we had national coverage of this event in The Sun newspaper who declared it a major shopping event for memorabilia enthusuasts !

The one disadvantage is there will only be one (of whatever is offered) each day. To make it fair for everyone I can confirm the 12 Days If Christmas email will be auto scheduled and sent every day at midday UK time. This allows for time differences across the world to view it at a semi-reasonable hour!

Enjoy the great deals as there will be no other offers or lists sent during this time.

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all the best,